Training Development

Next offers product management and specific industry trainings and develops and presents new trainings upon demand. Courses offered are based on real world projects. They are ideally suited for new insights to product management and as an introduction to specific industries and processes. Use them to foster transformation processes, to supplement your own training and to motivate your workforce. Trigger a new impetus in your organization and save countless hours of elaborate course development. 

"Future Position"

Product management for the digital age.

Time-proven principles and a new turn. See what's coming,  position yourself and your company. Embrace disruption and be ready. Try new ways in business development.



"Rock'n Roll"

The new show on earth.

Principles of raw materials extraction, mining and quarry with a motivating introduction to geology.

Introduction to massive earth moving, machines and components.

Basics of road construction and machines, including a fascinating history of road development.

"Express Yourself"

Present your ideas and projects successfully.

Get your trainings done by Next and learn how to do it. Prepare your project with new media and present it life.

Life presentation: The must do as product manager. Learn the basics with real projects. 

Video training: Studio trainer presentations, product video on location, explanatory animations and aerial video to get the complete picture from above and in detail.

Interactive training: Step by step modularized training subjects with self paced learning and testing.

Support: Additional material to support blended training.