Your Next step for your Future Position

Next supports you with professional consultation, service and training in product management. Foster your business development with new ideas and optimize your market position. You may also use this service as product management for time.

What is unique?

Next has developed a unique process certified by ITExA International Training and Experts Association as "International strategic knowledge development". Professional knowledge is designed with the help of digital media and used by subject experts, product managers, marketing and sales. The core of this knowledge is created and based at product management, while any interested employee may contribute or benefit. This process supports a self learning, innovative business culture, is very effective in product development, training and marketing and leads to sustainable business development.

Use this service

To support your product management projects.

For product, marketing, business and distributor development in Germany and Europe, product management for time, supporting your product manager on a project basis and for product marketing and sales support.

For a new impetus in your organization - in product development, product training, product marketing, within change management processes, knowledge management or just creating new motivation and enthusiasm for your industry.

To add new professional content to your learning management system (we help you, if you don't have one yet and we help you to learn about professional media- and learning technology).

To learn about professional training instruction, digital training courses and knowledge management.


The origins of Next


Next was founded in 1997 by Manfred Trappenberg. As entrepreneur, consultant and trainer, he specializes on product management - a wonderful opportunity to combine a fascination for science and technology, design creativity and a realistic sense for business matters.


Since the inception of Next Manfred has effectively consulted and trained several global companies in various regions of the world. New knowledge was formed from sound research, analyses and focused creativity to show new possibilities in product development and training. The result were innovative new products, complete new product lines and new training methods - including digital knowledge management. In some cases the new training was so successful, that it was seen as the best product marketing tool to convince sales channels and end users. (please see a list of major projects here.)

Project work in responsible positions helped to implement new strategic orientations - for example to regain control over highly profitable after markets. New orientations were anchored within companies and their distributors by training new product offers and missions to more than 1,000 participants around the globe. Effective digital trainings were established to keep efforts sustainable and to disseminate the information to business units around the globe. 

Before becoming independent Manfred was employed by a U.S. American steel company in various management positions. First as general manager for Germany / Scandinavia, then manager European product group and finally member of the global mining steering board. Before that facilities planner at a U.S. American electric utility company and at an architectural firm as master planner.

Taking it all together the professional experiences form a practical and effective approach for an entrepreneurial product management and training. Depending on the project Manfred uses other independent services to round up the offer.

Manfred holds the degree of MBA of Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona, with a specialization in industrial marketing.

The degree of Master of Architecture of Arizona State University with a specialization in computer aided design and solar architecture.

The degree of "Vordiplom" (similar to B.A.) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany with a specialization in industrial building construction.